If you are setting up any infrastructure development projects like building, Road, bridges, tunnels, airports, water systems, and so on, you need the help of both a Land surveyor and Civil engineer. When most of the world gets confused with the prospects of their work, you must know that you need them both. Most people think they do not need Land Surveyors for their project if they hire a Civil Engineer. What’s the need for both of them when they work in the same manner; this is the point made by many. When these two professions are interconnected, they are distinguished as well. Both of these professionals have different work assigned for themselves, and they cannot work at each other’s positions.

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Who Is A Land Surveyor?

When you are going for construction, you need to know the land condition, boundary details, approach road, ground elevation and all other information of the ground. Mapping all these details is the job of a land surveyor. These people have their tools, and they measure the land for you. They will check the vertical and horizontal points on the ground, lines that will be constructed there, and angles between them. In short, surveyors check the land-primarily and make the precious measurement that will identify Boundaries and Topographic details of the land, which will let the Engineers do the construction projects. Once they give a green signal, the engineer appears.

He Surveys The Property:

With all these works, these surveyors survey the history of the property as well. They check whether the property belongs to a person, or there might be any problems that took place in the past. They also prepare maps of the land and surrounding areas. They prepare the map on demand of the construction professionals and engineers. Depending on their report, further construction takes place. This report is mandatory for handling any of the construction work across the world.

They Work Till The End!

Even after they present the report, they work closely with the civil engineer
throughout the project. So, before the building starts to build, they survey the land and get associated with the project until the last block is completed. Throughout this process, they keep in close contact with the construction professionals. If they find any problems handling the jobs, they can contact these land surveyors at any point in time.

Qualities Of A Surveyor:

  • Problem-solving is the most important and amazing feature of a land surveyor. Generally, every land has problems. These surveyors know nooks and bounds. They will find solutions to your problems. They need information about the place, and you need to provide them only.
  • Every project needs to be finished on time, and that is why you hire these professionals, sparing a lot of money. This is your hard-earned money, and that is why you need to find someone worthy of your project. If all the clarifications are correctly done, the construction will start. During the construction, you can find the surveyor always around the project. If you face any problem regarding your project, you can contact them then and there. You might require adding something to your projects, and some portion of your projects should be deleted as well. Without a land surveyor, these jobs won’t be done smoothly and properly.
  • When surveying is done correctly, you can save a lot of money. When we construct a building somewhere, the construction engineer always tries to incorporate pricey equipment and raw materials. A land surveyor will explain the site’s condition and save a lot of money for you.

Scope Of Work Of A Land Surveyor:

With the invention of new instruments and latest technologies, land surveying companies these days offer you an optimum solution. With the precision of the machines and skills of the man, you are going to get your field covered properly. With these instruments and years of experience, The Salem institute of construction project management and survey technology training with placement are offering unique solutions. Here are few of them for you;

  • Topographical survey; here, your whole land will be surveyed minutely by the skilled people of The Salem institute of construction project management and survey technology training with placement.
  • Get your boundaries marked under their supervision. When you share the boundaries with some ‘not so good’ Samaritans, you need your boundaries marked. The Salem institute of construction project management and survey technology training with placement will do that excellently for you.
  •  An expert team will go for Setting out surveys. The position of the land where you are going to build your home will be surveyed properly. You get the elevation, land condition and everything with the perfectionist approach.
  • RVS’s team will survey your land after the construction as per your requirements. You’re going to see what was on paper and what is offered to you!
  • If you need a perfectionist approach in aerial mapping, they have the latest technologies clubbed with experienced people on board. They will mark your land with high-quality drones!
  • If you are building a township or even a whole city; the master plan from The Salem institute of construction project management and survey technology training with placement will save your day.
  •  If you have a big property and you fear of not getting a good deal due to the poor surveying history of different companies, trust The Salem institute of construction project management and survey technology training with placement once. They will sub-divide the whole area as per qualities of the land and characteristics of the land. Now you are going to get a good deal for a portion of the land and that too without any loss!
  • Earthwork volume is one of the most challenging jobs under surveying category. Roads, streets and other big volume jobs require this thing. The Salem institute of construction project management and survey technology training with placement will use the RTK system of the latest drones and will do the job like a pro!
  • Control network establishment is another important as well as the tough aspect of a land surveying project. Generally, it requires involving a lot of people, but The Salem institute of construction project management and survey technology training with placement uses the Differential Global Positioning System and offers you an optimum solution with the maximum precision possible.
  •  From offering you document verification survey to giving you optimum precision in alignment planning survey; The Salem institute of construction project management and survey technology training with placement are everywhere.

Who Is A Civil Engineer?

Civil engineers do the construction part. They prepare the design of the whole building. Then they assign people to work. With the help of land surveyors, they will prepare the design of the building as per your specification. The work field of a civil engineer is not restricted to buildings only. They make roads, bridges, tunnels, airports, dams, water systems, and so on! From the beginning until the end of the project, the civil engineer supervises it and provides valuable inputs. Many think that they have quite similar job profiles to land surveyors, but there are huge differences.

Job Profile Of A Civil Engineer:

They check the report prepared by the land surveyor and then start working on the project. Once the survey reports come, the civil engineer quickly calculates the hazards and risks associated with the project. They also check the timeline of the project, as this is pretty important. Depending on the timeline and counting all the hazards and potential risks, they prepare a quotation for the client. Upon approval of the quote, they start working on the project.

A Difference Chart For Your Convenience:

Land SurveyorsCivil Engineers
Scope of work before the project starts: They check the land properly, survey the plain and the boundaries and prepare a reportScope of work before the project starts: Their job starts when the map of the land is prepared and the initial survey is done!
Use of tools: They use modernized tools to map the land. For the aerial mapping they use the latest drones. The land surveying evolved over years and now they club their solutions with efficiency of machines.Use of tools: Lots of modern instruments are there in the market for construction business. In construction, precision matters a lot. You need to offer an eye catching building to the client. For that, the latest technologies are needed to be used. Civil engineers do that!
Keeping your vaastu corrected: Lots of people want their project to be done as per the vastu plans offered by experienced practitioners. The land surveyors are your best friend for this. They will calculate the angles, corners, height, depth and everything of your land and prepare a detailed map of what to put where for a vaastu friendly construction.Keeping your vaastu corrected: The civil engineers construct your house as per the vastu only after the land surveyor offers a detailed report.
Covering your boundaries: If you have chosen a sensitive land position, it requires precision in marking the boundaries. Otherwise people around your property area might create problems in future. The land surveyor offers you an optimum solution. You can get detailed data of the boundaries and construct your building according to this data only.Covering your boundaries: Once the land surveyor submits the detailed data of the boundaries, the civil engineer marks it, constructs the boundary walls and then prepares the rest of the project within that boundary only.
Work till end: Land surveyors start working even before the project starts. They stay with the construction part throughout the project. Even after a portion of the construction is done, they check it with precision mapping instruments. If anything is not as per the plan, the construction will be done again! The land surveyors stay with the project until the end. They give point to point precision reports and with that only the project ends successfully.Work till end: With the help of land surveyors, they provide an fantastic eye catching construction for you. They of course work till the end otherwise the job wouldn’t be finished!

The Working Relationship Between A Surveyor And A Civil Engineer:

A civil engineer can have backgrounds of constructional jobs, structural jobs, or anything else. But when you construct a house or a building, you need to hire a good civil engineer. From making designs on the page to preparing the whole thing in real life, you need an engineer in every step. The work of an engineer is incomplete without the valuable data from the surveyor’s end, though. Every engineer requires a surveyor for his job. A surveyor provides the land report throughout the project, and the engineer works on the projects depending on the engineer’s data.

Every construction project needed to be done in optimal locations. Without the report of a surveyor, the engineer cannot start his work. The surveyor always uses all his knowledge to find the proper positioning of the project. Before the project begins, blueprints are made. These surveyors help the engineers to prepare the blueprint with valuable information. They also provide information like boundaries and GPS coordinates etc. He gives accurate information about the land topography, and then only the civil engineer starts working on the project.

Once the project starts, the surveyor needs to maintain the measurements of the project. He needs to follow the civil engineer’s design to a T. Every centimetre and millimetres should be made according to the plan; the surveyor keeps an eye on it.


The task of a Civil Engineer and a Land Surveyor are intertwined. They need to work unitedly to finish a task excellently. They have separate job profiles, but they work together towards completing the job on time.

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