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Pile Marking

Pile Marking is based on the topographical survey of the land, lay out design drawing is prepared comprising roads, plots and allotting commercial spaces, public use space, etc as required by government norms. On approval of the layout design drawing by the concerned authorities and the clients, the concerned layout design is being marked at respective site as directed and guided by the site engineer of the client.Pile Marking is carried out by using Total Station Survey Instrument.

Leveling Marking

Levelling The art of determining the relative heights of different points on or below the surface of the earth is known as leveling. Thus, leveling deals with measurements in the vertical plane.To prepare a contour map for fixing sites for reservoirs, dams, barrages, etc., and to fix the alignment of roads, railways, irrigation canals, and so on.Level surface Any surface parallel to the mean spheroidal surface of the earth is said to be a level surface. Such a surface is obviously curved. The water surface of a still lake is also considered to be a level surface.

Column Marking

Salem survey institute in Salem Our company works with the vision to provide quality and timely services to our clients. Further, ensure that a complete customer satisfaction is achieved. Delivering our services at optimal quality whether it is Road or Railway, River or Canal, Land or Hill we promise to be ahead of others. Deserve the best position by successful completion of commitments to client.We are one of the noted service providers in delivering Column Survey services that are designed in compliance with international quality standards.

Road Marking

After primary investigation regarding the justification of constructing a new road, the tentative alignment or alignments are marked on the general map and contour map of the area through which it is expected to pass. While marking the tentative alignment, the following points should be considered.The proposed road should connect a sufficient number of villages, towns, industrial places, places of religious importance,The alignment should be taken in such a way that unnecessary cutting can be avoided.

Any Shape Building Marking

A building is set out in order to clearly define the outline of excavation and the Centre lines of the walls, so that construction can be carried out exactly according to plan. The centre line method of setting out is generally preferred and adopted.Locating the center line, usually marked by stakes at 100-ft intervals called stations. Determining elevations along and across the center line for plotting profile and cross sections.Computing the volumes of earthwork and preparing a mass diagram.Locating right-of-way boundaries, as well as staking out fence lines.

Layout Marking

layout Marking means the process of transferring a design or pattern to a workpiece, as the first step in the manufacturing process.[1] It is performed in many industries or hobbies although in the repetition industries the machine’s initial setup is designed to remove the need to mark out every individual.On approval of the layout design drawing by the concerned authorities and the clients, the concerned layout design is being marked at respective site as directed and guided by the site engineer of the client.

Boundary Line Marking

The boundary line marking is being carried out on the landed property of a vast area, or wherever required by the Clients, through GPS (Global Positioning System). After arriving at the latitude and longitude coordinates of the location of the relevant site using GPS (Global Positioning System) Instrument, through satellite UTM (Universal Traverse Mercator), the Co-ordinates of X Axis and Y Axis of the Site would be arrived at. The Datum (i.e. Latitude/Longitude) would be fixed on any Permanent Location at the site. Based on the above datum, the Boundary Survey of the site.

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