Why document verification is so important?

When we area buying properties we usually look at location, price and possession date. These are no doubt important parameters for short-listing, however, there are many more important things to check before finalise a deal. Hence, it is essential for you to know about the documents that need to be checked during the purchase which will help you in protecting yourself against cheating. Check the following documents and clearance certificates to avoid getting into any legal tangle in future:

*Land Record’s *Sale Deed *Mother Deed *Approved Planning *Land Use Certificate *Conversion Certificate *Encumbrance Certificate *Power of Attorney

An easy way to verify that the project has clean paperwork is to see if it has loan approvals from financial institutions. Banks have stringent lending rules and do their necessary due diligence before clearing loans. However, this is not always error-free and there have been many cases in the past where the builder had bank support, but the project landed in legal troubles. It is, therefore, better to get professional help. If necessary get a paid opinion from a lawyer, surveyor and document writer who specialises in property transactions and get all documents verified.

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