Land Survey

Land surveying is a process that you need to accomplish when doing some crucial tasks concerning a land: buying, selling, construction projects, etc.

Land Survey Pricing
The time and effort spent for the survey directly affect the cost. Apart from the time and effort spent on the surveying, there are more factors that affect pricing. They are as follows:

1.Site Location – Is it accessible to the surveyor? Are you on a sloping block of land? Is your property full of trees or shrubbery?

2.Records – Oftentimes, you will need a records search on your land.

3.Property Shape and Size – Is your land rectangular in shape? If so, here’s good news for you: rectangular parcels are usually cheaper to survey compared to irregular shaped ones even if they contain the same amount of land.

4.Existing Property Evidence –This refers to fences, trees, occupational lines, Survey Stones, etc. in your property.

5.Foliage – If you have plants, bushes, or small trees in your property, your surveyor might require removing them. The removal will make it easier for him or her to perform the survey.

6.Physical Features of the Land –  Is your property located in a mountainous terrain? If so, then take note that it may take time to survey it. Generally, mountainous terrain is harder to survey than a level piece of land.

Meanwhile, the price estimate should not be your lone basis for choosing a land surveyor. You need to consider other important factors like reputation, credentials, experiences, work ethics, and quality of work.


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