When it comes to construction and any other industries, it is essential to have the way to validate and measure the surveying data to the topmost accuracy. Even minuscule can leads to some flaws, higher cost, unhappy clients, and project delays. Fortunately, the technology has given the total stations as the solution for the issues. These are lightweight and portable machines that will help you to get the necessary data that you are looking for in quality construction and timely project completion. However, when you want to enjoy the benefits of it completely. You should know more about and how total station works. Continue reading to get to know more about it.

Total Work Station

A Total Station is an optical instrument used in construction, surveying, and several other civil engineering works. It is useful for measuring the horizontal angles, distance, and vertical angles. It takes place by analyzing the slope between itself and any particular specific point.

A good quality total station camera will help you by combining the surveying, imaging, and high-speed 3D scanning into one precise and reliable instrument. It will blend the latest field technologies with the most advanced technical features that help create a trustworthy and dependable tool in demanding field situations.

Advantages of using the total stations


Accuracy is one of the crucial factors in any device you choose. It is the great tool to assure accurate results to a fraction of an arc second as the measure distance to hundredths of the foot over the thousands of feet in construction.


Total Station will collect the information much quicker so operators can get in and out of the field efficiently.

Ease of use:

Total stations are easy and intuitive to use in construction. They can take simultaneous distance and horizontal measurements, making it easy to calculate the coordinates. Thus, operators can spend more of their time and energy on critical engineering.

Effortless CAD interface:

It is easy to download the survey data to the CAD program. It will also help in avoiding the consumption of time and data manipulation.


It offers a quick and convenient setup. With the total station, you will take multiple surveys, even being at a single location.

Usage of Total Stations

Surveyors and the civil engineer use the total stations to access the topography, planning for the buildings, and record the existing natural features in the construction area. The impressive and accurate instruments will be useful in archaeological digs, meteorology, and forensic investigations.

Further, it can be used for carrying various functions like the following.

    • Topographic surveys
    • Roadway and corridor survey
    • Infrastructure surveys
    • Power line inspections
    • Crash scene investigations
    • Mine and quarry surveys
    • Tank calibration or inspection
    • Crime scene investigations
    • Utility design surveys
    • Volumetric surveys to measure stockpile volumes

Thus, you might have got an outline of the total station and its role in the construction. Ensure you are using the tool in the right ways to get benefited out of it.